Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
- Family is everything

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Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
is an artproject produced by upcoming talents around the globe: NYC, London, Madrid, Aarhus and Paris.
Our family members/The Vans - Daughter (CPH) and Cousin (DK/Paris) Brother and Aunt (NYC/London) and Uncle (Madrid/London).
We are telling our stories to inspire yours.

Do you want to be a part of the family?
Then make us want you: uncle.van@hotmail.com.


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17 October 2010

THE VANS slip out the backdoor 
UNCLE and AUNT are moving again
UNCLE wishes he could say: I'm coming home 

13 October 2010

BROTHER could go on and on about how big he is
The Vans see the world from a different perspective 

12 October 2010

The Vans say: follow us on www.unclevan.tumblr.com 
The Vans are on the set
THE VANS will work this life until they die
AUNT is different: this city didn't change her - she changed the city
COUSIN didn't change the city: the city changed her

11 October 2010

BROTHER will not burn down this brigde

08 October 2010

UNCLE is ready to make this night everlasting
THE VANS are sorry: but nobody messes with our family
BROTHER was found at our doorway - welcome to the family
SON will take some time off: he found love
AUNT is a run-away-bride 

07 October 2010

Son figured out how to be both dead and alive 
The Vans are blinded by the light

05 October 2010

Uncle went here to experience the unknown: he stayed because he found comfortness
The Vans wonder why it should be, so bad, to be bad: when it's so hard to be anything at all
Daughter is trying to stay in touch with you
Aunt wonders who wants to be ordinary and sweet
Son will turn this world upside down

04 October 2010

Aunt is forced to live a life, on the run, with no relation to her family: because of the crime she did
Daughter has always been the teachers pet  
Aunt needs to phone her mother: and tell her she is did a good job
The Vans are coming up with something similar 
The Vans have been fucking you very much: fuck you, Sine & Kristoffer

Uncle's thoughts

Who the fuck is Uncle Van?