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Uncle Van and friends
- Family is everything

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Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
is an artproject produced by upcoming talents around the globe: NYC, London, Madrid, Aarhus and Paris.
Our family members/The Vans - Daughter (CPH) and Cousin (DK/Paris) Brother and Aunt (NYC/London) and Uncle (Madrid/London).
We are telling our stories to inspire yours.

Do you want to be a part of the family?
Then make us want you: uncle.van@hotmail.com.


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30 April 2010

Lets have an orgasm girls
Let our dicks be frontpage material
Lets have a threesome girls, or boys boys boys?
Lets go to china and catch the flue
Lets get naked
Lets have a fucking baby
Uncle is always like: come on, lets go home kate!
Uncle and friends are superheroes
Aunt had a blast last night
Uncle and friends are in the army now
Uncle and friends want siesta to NYC
Uncle is still living in the 90's
Uncle is turned on
Uncle is alike
Uncle and friends are in a relationship

29 April 2010

Uncle and friends are going to bed, or whatever you kids call it today
Uncle Van and family think you got the point: you love him
Aunt is a fancy
Aunt knows how to get a party started, but not how to end it
Aunt will get naked for you honey
Aunt is a crazy old rack, but at least she is having some fun
Aunt has been around the blok
Aunt likes getting it from behind
Uncle and friends stay in bed with heroin

Uncle and friends pay respect to the victims we have lost to suicide, we love, and know you meant it well
Aunt is hanging out with some friends, having the best time
Uncle is strong like Frida Kahlo
Uncle and friends are geeks who sit at home friday night and masturbate
Uncle thinks nothing is like it used to be, and these white walls are all new to me
Uncle and friends are unisex

28 April 2010

Uncle is rock hard
Uncle and friends have been waiting to post the shot and add the note: we are superheroes

25 April 2010

Uncle and friends could sleep everywhere anytime
Uncle and friends hate the fashion but love the pucking
Uncle and friends feel guilty

24 April 2010

Aunt says: " You go girl!!!"
Uncle and friends love this couple who fight for the people and legal gay marriage
Uncle work as a ventriloquist during daytime
Uncle and friends have fucked this guy
Uncle is a rodeo rider
Uncle and friends don't know about babies
Uncle and friends scare
Uncle is not a real man
Uncle and friends commit suicide
Uncle and friends should get busy

Uncle's thoughts

Who the fuck is Uncle Van?