Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
- Family is everything

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Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
is an artproject produced by upcoming talents around the globe: NYC, London, Madrid, Aarhus and Paris.
Our family members/The Vans - Daughter (CPH) and Cousin (DK/Paris) Brother and Aunt (NYC/London) and Uncle (Madrid/London).
We are telling our stories to inspire yours.

Do you want to be a part of the family?
Then make us want you: uncle.van@hotmail.com.


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31 July 2010

The Vans get off whenever they feel like leaving: no bullshit honey
Aunt is not proud of her daughter: guess that kinda stuff run in the family 
Uncle lives in the present: smoking like there was no tomorrow 
Cousin has no idea how she ended up here: except, well.. she loves heroin?
Cousin never plays by the rules 

29 July 2010

Son does everything you're afraid of doing: while you're watching
Aunt is in a threesome relationship: why settle with one if you can have two (James and Danny)
The Vans will do anything to get where they want: so should you
Uncle has been there and done that 
Son and Uncle finally meet: family is everything 

Aunt is tired of blogging: gonna move to Hollywood instead 
Son knows magic: do you? 
Aunt found you: and shut up, you gave up easily 
Son has a cigaret when he feels tough enough: luckily that's all the time
Son was once mistaken for being Jesus: because he made up his father too

28 July 2010

Uncle is having friends over for dinner

26 July 2010

Son was left all by himself as a kid: look how he turned out 

25 July 2010

The Vans are considering adopting a new baby brother to the family: lets do it 
The Vans suggest you do whatever makes you feel happy!
Son only goes to the gym: because of the public bath afterwards 
The Vans are available day and night: speed dial no.1 
The Vans are so sorry about the mess: but we just don't like the suburbs  
Aunt can't help what turns her on: just like paedophile Michael, right?
The Vans have said it before: but we love Zanele Muholi's work of lesbianism in South Africa
Uncle is back: ready to p-p-p-arty!

24 July 2010

Aunt makes you do things: you never thought you could do
Son is wandering around: searching the wilderness 

23 July 2010

Son is lying: he just didn't love you, Simon
Son is sorry: he is just so excited to see his Uncle again 
Uncle doesn't give a shit for you: I cheated for reason
Uncle takes good care of you
The Vans had a great vacation: took some real nice photos for you
Uncle is back: and he brought a girl? 

17 July 2010

Uncle and friends are going on a vacation: but they will stay in touch 

16 July 2010

Daughter doesn't care about your face anymore: send a picture of the important stuff 
Daughter feels at home in the jungle: among the other freaks 
Daughter has been missing her superhero family
Daughter finally jumped 
Daughter leads the way to happiness; ignore those bastards 
Daughter was forced into making music 
Daughter fell asleep: but is up and going now
Daughter shot her baby down: bang bang
Son wonders if Daughter decided to jump without him?  
Aunt just called to tell you: that she is gonna kill you
Aunt is aware of that she shouldn't mix driving and drinking: but we're young

Aunt is like: get over it!

Aunt is sorry: but three strikes is not acceptable  

Uncle has got the feeling that you're gonna come back for more 

Uncle is having the best time all by himself: who needs a cat? 

Uncle's thoughts

Who the fuck is Uncle Van?