Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
- Family is everything

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Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
is an artproject produced by upcoming talents around the globe: NYC, London, Madrid, Aarhus and Paris.
Our family members/The Vans - Daughter (CPH) and Cousin (DK/Paris) Brother and Aunt (NYC/London) and Uncle (Madrid/London).
We are telling our stories to inspire yours.

Do you want to be a part of the family?
Then make us want you: uncle.van@hotmail.com.


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29 September 2010

Son survived: He can die when he's done
Daughter has been reunited with her superhero family
The Vans sit next to you on the bus

25 September 2010

Aunt has always been a loner
Uncle has to admit: the suburbs are not that bad 
Uncle is trying to remain young
Uncle cant wait any longer

19 September 2010

Uncle is the good advice that you just didn't take
Aunt is on principle not afraid anything

18 September 2010

Uncle is living on the edge: and he is not kidding, honey
Uncle is still in Berlin
The Vans are about to show you: how it's done!

17 September 2010

The Vans get high
Uncle will go have some fun now: you can cry when you get older
Daughter suggests you
Uncle gets by with a little help from his friends

16 September 2010

Uncle has always been watching over himself
Aunt never felt anything around God: guess you can say, that boy, turned her gay
Uncle suggests you get over yourself and live every night like it was fucking friday!

14 September 2010

Son killed himself instead of living without you: (R.I.P SON, WE STILL LOVE YOU - no joke red.)
Cousin knows a hooker when she sees one

Daughter has got it all: pussy, paper and a prescription from the doctor
Daughter is living in a plastic world 
Uncle wanted to live in Berlin and smoke cigarets: he did one of the things
Aunt has been absent 

11 September 2010

Uncle is still on the road: updating on The Vans will follow soon

03 September 2010

Aunt has a thing for the 90's 
Aunt is everything but ordinary: you are a spoiled suburban chick  
Uncle will act like he doesn't 

02 September 2010

Male Cousin has an eye for toys: and he would like to share one with you
The Vans stick together 
Uncle takes you to the candy shop
Aunt keeps a poster of you in her room

01 September 2010

Cousin is selling this vintage goodie: first offer? 
The Vans know that everybody has to end up somewhere: we are just taking our time to get there
Uncle is finally back home
Son is debuting on camera 

Uncle's thoughts

Who the fuck is Uncle Van?