Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
- Family is everything

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Uncle Van and friends

Uncle Van and friends
is an artproject produced by upcoming talents around the globe: NYC, London, Madrid, Aarhus and Paris.
Our family members/The Vans - Daughter (CPH) and Cousin (DK/Paris) Brother and Aunt (NYC/London) and Uncle (Madrid/London).
We are telling our stories to inspire yours.

Do you want to be a part of the family?
Then make us want you: uncle.van@hotmail.com.


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30 June 2010

Uncle feels like an animal in a cage 
Cousin raised herself 
The Vans let it run down the drain 
Aunt knows that the outside: is just the outside 
Uncle was once told he was perfect: nevermind
Cousin is blond
Son had enough
Uncle has no nice childhood memories 
Cousin won't ever show weakness 
Uncle escaped from Suburbia: never to return 
Aunt wasn't kidding about her new lifestyle
Uncle will probably be able to look back in anger 
Aunt figured out a way to spice up her life
Aunt is sure she'll find you sometime soon
Aunt is still looking for you: skanky winey bitch
Uncle looses interest in people: after he has slept with them
Aunt believes love has no limits 

29 June 2010

Uncle fades away 
Son can relate to you
Niece still has a lot of work to do
Son will be gone in a second
Cousin is playing hard to get
Cousin is sorry guys: but size is everything 
Aunt knows it's a long way home: if you burn down every bridge that you cross 
The Vans run like hell
Son is on the run
Uncle will haunt you down: and you will die
The Vans dig these real banned adds for Calvin Klein 
Uncle will start crying: when he has realized what has happened 
Uncle doesn't want to be alone either: not with the stars in the sky
Uncle is finally able to put his legs up and say: we made it
Uncle knows there is a story: behind everything
Son doesn't want to be alone: until the sun sets 
Cousin stares at every single passing car: hoping for it to pick her up, and take her away
Uncle is afraid of getting too comfortable 
Aunt has an untold story: care to listen? 
Aunt inspired him
Son had sex with him

28 June 2010

Son needs to focus on something else
Son wasn't chased out of his country: fighters
The Van family goes with the flow
The Vans see the world from a different perspective 
Aunt was saved by her friends: again 

27 June 2010

Son doesn't speak with his biological family: thank god he found The Vans

Uncle and friends went skinny dipping last night: no bullshit 
Uncle stopped believing in miracles: accepting his failures 
Uncle used to imagine himself with loving parents
Aunt has never had a home: and will never get one 
Cousin is gonna leave you behind: never to return 
Cousin's parents may not be proud of her: but being on her own has taught her so much more

26 June 2010

Son is about to pick a seat 

Uncle's thoughts

Who the fuck is Uncle Van?